Are you making it easy for potential new customers to find you?

Are you making it easy for potential new customers to find and do business with you?

“If not you should be asking yourself these Questions”

How many people are searching for your products or services online?

Do you know what search terms they are using?

How many of them are finding your website?

Do you check your website statistics for unique vistors and the search terms they using to find your site?

Is anyone finding your website?

Just by answering the above questions you will have some idea how effective your current web strategy is.

You will also know if you are suffering from some of the more common issues with websites we come accross everyday.

Examples :

Lack of strategy and direction – no clear goals

No clearly researched and identified keywords and search terms

Website design preventing search engines from accessing your information

No key measurements identified or used.

The Solution

Set Clear business Goals (Sales, Enquiries or Unique Visitors)

Benchmark yourself against the best

Manage the process of improvement

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