Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation is vital to get your web site a high ranking allowing you to attract more visitors.

Search engines have developed ways to rank web sites due to their relevancy to the search term used.

The more relevant they can make their results will improve their reputation and keep and attract users,
if their results are not relevant they will suffer by losing users.

Creating an online presence means that you now have two customer groups to satisfy with your web site.
The search engines who provide the means to your target market, and your target market.


Keywords are critical to search engines optimisation.

Keywords or search terms are the words people will use to find your site.

The words they will type into a search engine to find your products and services.

They should be identified before creating your web pages.

They should be used throughout the text of your site.

The more keyword focused you can make your web pages the higher they will rank.

If you design a web page without doing this you are unlikely to achieve a high ranking in any
area that has a number of competing websites.

You also need to design your pages using a format that the search engines can index,
using a technology the search engines can not read will mean they can not rank your website.

We will explain this in more detail.

If you already have a website that is designed with one of these formats you will need to find an

alternative way of promoting your website (like offline advertising or purchasing online advertising from other websites).

Pay per click search engines offer an alternative way to promote a web site to search engine optimisation.

Effective methods of attracting new customers.

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