What is website optimisation?

Website optimisation is critical to getting the most from your business website as
you need to constantly test and improve your website.

This is done in four main areas, Website testing, Usability, Analytics and online marketing.

Once you are attracting visitors to your website you should be testing your value proposition and content.

This can be done in a number of ways, split testing different pages to your
visitors to see which perform better (improve your conversion rates).

This test should cover your entire conversion process from landing page to ultimate conversion (Sale or Lead generation).

If you are not getting satisfactory results and need help please get in touch.

Surveys are an excellent way to find out why visitors are not taking the desired action.

This kind of feedback from visitors can be invaluable in understanding your potential customers.

Combining these things into one continuous improvement process can transform your business results.

Just like having a website is not enough, even having a website with good rankings is not enough you need to provide
value to your visitors in a way they can understand and make that information easy to find and navigate around.

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