SEO Results

Effective SEO needs to produce results for Your business.

You need to set measurable goals from the start.

Goals that are relevant and will have an impact on your business.

Do you want more visitors, leads or sales?

You also need to target people looking for your products or services (qualified visitors).

When you do this your visitor numbers will increase for non branded search terms (Red line).

These are people looking to buy but do not have a preferred supplier.

They will either buy from you or your competitors.

When you get more people who are looking for your products finding your offer (value prop.) at a time when they are interested good things usually happen!

Now more than ever it is important to build search engine rankings on solid foundations and that means you have to eliminate errors and duplicate content.

Here is an example from a site that was live and had well over 100 errors!

This will not only allow you to build better results but also avoid any unwelcome surprises like losing any of your well earned rankings.

Would you like exceptional results from your SEO?

If you have;

1. A good offer (value proposition) and there is

2. Online demand for your products or services

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